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Driving Experience 

Join us on unforgettable Rally Slovenia Driving Experience on Stonepit, short drive from Ljubljana. Professional rally drivers and instructors will teach you racing tricks and car handling maneuvers. Before you know it, you will be driving around the track just like Carlos Sainz with his Lancia Delta Integrale.

Rally Slovenia Driving Experience 

Join us on unforgettable Rally Slovenia Driving Experience on Stonepit near Ljubljana, where professional rally drivers and instructors will teach you racing tricks and car handling maneuvers

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From 119 € / person

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Duration: 30 min

Language: English

Activity level: for beginners and advanced drivers

Transport: On your own

Schedule:  Friday to Sunday (4 p.m. – 8 p.m.)

Itinerary: macadam road – 1 km

Your Driving Instructor

Real Slovenia Rally Experience

You will slide on the track, trying to find optimal braking points to get into the corner as quickly as possible. The instructor will teach you the “Scandinavian flick”, popular maneuver among the racers. Be prepared to lose the ground under your feet for a moment and rush past piles of sand and conveyor belts. The Slovenia Rally Experience track is a little over 1 kilometer long. Carefully selected details make the course technically challenging but incredibly fun and fast.

10 Exciting Laps with 2 Flying Laps

Feelfree Adventure has prepared 10 laps of complete rally driving experience for you. Before you sit behind the racing wheel, your personal instructor will guide you through 2 flying laps. This way you will get to know the track, important braking points and sliding areas.

For the next six full laps you will be mastering your driving skills. Feel the pedals vibrating while pushing throttle to the limit. See the rocks and stones flying under the seat while hitting the reinforced bottom of the car chassis. Watch the water spray on your windshield from the puddles, and a thick cloud of smoke rising behind you.

Now that you have mastered your slides and drifts, your instructor will join you in a proper rally race for the whole 2 laps. His perfectly executed maneuvers will give a new dimension to the whole rally driving experience.

Best offer

From 119 € / person

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One Of A Kind Track

Real Slovenia Rally Driving Experience takes place in an incredible and unique track scenery, which you have never seen and experienced before. The rally track runs on a huge old quarry bellow fully functional buildings and high conveyor belts. Our location is just a stone thrown away from Ljubljana. You can get there on your own by the car.

Experience The True Nature of Rally

Front-wheel drive vehicles are not part of our philosophy. Rear wheel drive vehicles are also not part of our racing philosophy. Then what’s left?

When you put-on your helmet, sit behind the racing steering wheel, get buckled to a full buckle racing seat with 4-point racing harness like a true rally driver, surrounded with roll cage protection, you will experience the true nature of rally driving all together with our 4×4 light tuned car.

With specially designed gravel rally tyres and full rally suspension, every driver gets to slide the 4×4 car from corner to corner and drift around the track with incredible lightness just like experienced rally drivers.


Racing helmet with integrated communication

Driving licence is not required.

Best offer

From 119 € per person

*Payment with cash on the Spot or bank transfer

Your Driving Instructor

What other travelers say

My experience was really great! The team provided real driving opportunity, in a real rally car, on a real rally course. The car is low on power, but it is plenty fast enough for a beginner. Honestly, I don’t think I could have handled more power ? The course is excitng, but very safe: you have a lot of place for errors (which you will make, that’s for sure).
Also, the support team is really cool, they helped with the whole experience. The instructors take the safety first approach, so you are in good hands. Also, everyone speaks a good English.
In short: great experience, highly recommend for enthusiast individuals, or even for team buildings.

David (from Hungary)

Zelo zanimiva je bila celotna izkušnja – od teoretičnih začetkov, ko se predstavi dirkalnik, oprema … Sama rally izkušnja pa je nepopisna, adrenalinska izkušnja, ki je zelo varna, pod budnim očesom izkušenih inštruktorjev. Vsekakor se vidimo še kdaj!


Moram priznati, da nisem pričakoval, da so lahko Suzuki Baleno dirkalniki tako zelo zabavni.To je bil najbolše vložen denar v dirkanje glede na to koliko zabave rally doživetje v kamnolomu Verd ponuja.

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